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Industrial Line for Surface Finishing
Main advantages
Malleable: does not change the shape/size of the work piece. Does not rust or contaminate and can be used dry, with water, oil or detergent. High productivity: better cost/benefit ratio in all processes. High quality: constant performance from beginning to end of the operation. The operation is safe and silent

• Decorative finishing in stainless steel, aluminum and brass
• General finishing of parts, welding and metallic shafts
• Finishing of frames and wooden plates
• Finishing of varnish on wood
• Repair edges of laminated glass
• Continuous cleaning of laminated material

• Cleaning of parts before a chemical bath
• Surface preparation for welding, painting and other processes
• Removal of rust and ink
• Removing marks made with abrasives
• Wood lint removal
• General cleaning of waste


Rua Éttore Soliani, nº 32
Distrito Industrial Nova Era
CEP: 13347-394


+55 (19) 3935-2941